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The Carole Robertson Center’s staff is comprised of professionals from a range of disciplines, which include education, child development, social work, and youth development.

Management and direct service staff include leaders in community-, city-, and state-wide initiatives. Teachers have received a Kohl McCormick Early Childhood Teaching Award, CYS Kendall College Scholarships, and a North Lawndale Spirit of Youth Development Award. Our Chief Executive Officer was honored as Executive of the Year by the United Way of Metropolitan Chicago in 2002. Staff work collaboratively through an interdisciplinary approach to relation-based practice to best meet the needs of those we serve. Staff are committed to lifelong learning with at least half of teachers in school working towards advanced degrees and certification at any given time. Best practices, new standards, and emerging research are incorporated into children’s care and education.

President and Chief Executive Officer, Cerathel Burnett

Ms. Burnett's responsibilities include oversight of program operations, finances, resource development, grants management, program and administrative contract compliance, and facility management. Prior to assuming her current position, Ms. Burnett served as Director of Professional Education and Curriculum Initiatives, Director of Workforce Development, Director of Adult Learning, and Program Director at the Carole Robertson Center. She currently is the co-chair of Illinois’ Professional Development Advisory Council’s Workforce Development and Pathways Committee, a member of the Latino Policy Forum’s Early Childhood Education Acuerdo, and serves on the North Lawndale Employment Network’s Advisory Council, the State of Illinois’ Early Learning Council’s Hard to Reach Populations subcommittee, and the Board of Directors of Food Desert Action. Prior to joining the Center in 1995, Ms. Burnett worked at Highline Community College in Des Moines, Washington as Director of Multicultural Student Services. Ms. Burnett was raised on the west side of Chicago and previously ran a local Head Start program. Ms. Burnett holds a B.A. from Loyola University of Chicago and a Master's degree in Education.

Staff List

Cerathel Burnett

Chief Executive Officer
312.243.7300, ext. 249

Tracey Young

VP, Programs
312.243.7400 ext. 250

Jennifer Leigh

Chief of Staff
312.243.7300, ext. 228

Carol Merrill

Director of Administrative Operations
312.243.7300, ext. 221

Larry McKay

Director of Finance
312.243.7300 ext. 220

Stefan Bell

Director of Continuous Quality Improvement
312.243.7300 ext. 227

Vivian Miller

VP, Personnel and Professional Development
312.243.7300, ext. 224

Wendy Mitchell Gill

VP, External Relations
312.243.7300, ext. 226